July 14th, 2010

God-approved child molestation

 I’ve come up with a sample dialogue that I feel may be effective in undermining Muslims in such scenarios as public debates on new mosques in neighborhoods, Muslim outreach events, etc.

It’s kind of long, but I feel it could be very effective. Any feedback you can provide is much appreciated.

In this situation, we’ll have two people.

Person A shall be a common, everyday Westerner who has a genuine desire to understand Islam. We’ll call him EW.

Person B shall be a friendly, genuine Imam. We’ll call him Dr. Naik in honor of one of our favorite Muslims.

So here’s the setting: Dr. Naik is hosting a press conference in Averagetown, USA, where they’ve proposed building a new mosque. They press conference was called by Dr. Naik in order to win over the skeptical community. Dr. Naik has made his presentation, and they are now allowing for an open question and answer session. EW has just been handed the microphone.

EW: Dr. Naik, first off, thank you for coming here and giving this presentation. I think I speak for all when I express gratitude for your inspiring words, and I now realize Islam is in fact the religion of peace.

But I have a couple questions relating to Islam and Islamic theology. In preparation for this conference, I have started learning about Islam, its prophet, and its history.

The first question I have relates to the Prophet Mohammed. According to Islamic theology, Prophet Mohammed was God’s last, true prophet. Is that correct?

Dr. Naik: Yes, that’s correct.

EW: Okay. And Muslims also believe that Mohammed was a great man. In fact, they believe he was the “standard for all humanity”. Is this also correct?

Dr. Naik: Yes, we believe he is the greatest person to ever live.

EW: Okay. And you also accept that his words and actions are to guide man for all time, right? In other words, Muslims are to look at his behavior as the standard, regardless of the time period. For example, Mohammed lived in the 7th century, yet his behavior is every bit as good and proper in the 12th century, 21st century, 50th century, correct?

Dr. Naik: Yes, Muslims do believe this to be true.

EW: And I’ve also learned that Muslims rely on both the Quran and Sunnah to properly understand Mohammed’s words and behavior, correct? According to Islamic theology, one is incomplete without the other, right?

Dr. Naik: Yes, we rely on both.

EW: From what I can gather, there are six so-called “authentic” hadith collections, right?

Dr. Naik: Yes, according to mainstream Islamic theology, that is true.

EW: I’m not familiar with all of them, but I have read parts of Sunnahs by Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and Dawud. These are all well-respected hadith collectors, is that true?

Dr. Naik: That is true. We have great respect for these devout believers and scholars.

EW: Okay Dr. Naik. And according to all these scholars, Mohammed married a woman named Aisha, is that correct?

Dr. Naik: Yes, that is true.

EW: And according to Sahih Muslim, Sahih Bukhari, and Dawud, he married her when she was six years old, is that correct?

Dr. Naik: Yes, but the marriage wasn’t consummated until-

EW: Please let me finish Dr. Naik. Of course, Mohammed was “the standard for all humanity”, so it could hardly be considered appropriate for him to consummate a marriage with a girl so young. No, Mohammed was a true gentleman, so according to Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and Dawud, he waited until she was nine before he had sex with her.

So here’s my question Dr. Naik: you earlier stated that Mohammed’s example is to be the standard for all humanity for all times, right? There’s no room for moral relativism in Islam. So according to your logic, Dr. Naik, it’s morally acceptable for a full-grown man to meet, fall in love with, marry and have sex with a nine year old, correct? Do you, Dr. Naik, accept that in today’s society such behavior is acceptable and approved by God?

Dr. Naik: Stumbling, muttering, saying things about it being against the laws in this country, etc.

EW: Dr. Naik, this has nothing to do with any country’s laws. I want to know if you believe that, in the year 2010, it is ever morally acceptable for a grown man to marry and have sex with a nine year old. Do you accept this is true, or do you disagree with the Islamic faith, which states that Mohammed’s example is the standard for all times? And if you do disagree that Mohammed is to be the standard for humanity for all time, why do you even bother following the Islamic faith?

And hopefully at this point, everyone in the audience will demand he quit ignoring the question and give a direct answer. If he states that it sometimes is acceptable for grown men to enter into sexual relationships with nine year olds, public opinion will turn against Islam and a mosque will be denied. If he states that Mohammed’s actions are in fact not the standard for all humanity for all time, he’s opened up a whole new can of worms.

I believe this particular line of reasoning can be very effective, since most Westerners are so strongly opposed to child molestation.